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What’s in my bag?


img_3087Okay so, I want to admit that my bag had to go through a major clean out for this post. My bag seems to be a magnet for food crumbs, pencil sharpening’s (joys of working in education), stray chewing gums and it’s also where I find all of those hairbands I thought I had lost forever. For this post I thought best to leave out photo’s of all that kinda gross stuff. I always say I’ll be better at clearing out my bag and keeping it pretty and lovely, but before I know it months have passed and I’m clearing out endless receipts and lot’s of other stuff.


So this is my bag. I want to say how much it cost but I have no idea as this was a birthday gift from a work colleague last year. All I know is that it is from River Island and I am in love. It’s a clutch bag within a bag,the colour scheme is super cute and it’s so spacious!

Inside my bag I have…

1. A notepad and pen – You have no idea when this will come in handy.

2. My purse because… duh!

3. Apple headphones

4. My phone.

5. My keys – although I always forget them.

6. Snacks – usually breakfast biscuits.

7. Bronzer/highlight

8. Stay matte powder foundation – nobody likes a shiny face.

9. Real Techniques Powder Brush.

10. Matte liquid lipstick – makeup academy from Morrisons £2 BARGAIN!!

11. Water

12. Kiko perfume

13. Chewing gum

13. Emergency hair tye

14. Emergency Sanitry Products – because you can never be too careful.

I think I have a slight key ring obsession…

I suppose that’s pretty much the content of my bag and I hope you’ve enjoyed having a nose. I’m just glad that after this post I have a presentable bag again!

What’s in your bag? Let me know!





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