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How much does my face cost?

I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was an odd but slightly cool idea, it also got me thinking about how much money goes into the various different make up looks I create.

I’m using my New Years Eve party look. I wish I could do this everyday but sometimes when the alarm goes off at 6am, I choose a snooze over highlight. Anyway, this is the look…


So… here it goes!


Firstly I used this L’Oréal Paris True Match Foundation in the shade Rose Ivory. This is my go to foundation, this is what I use all the time as it has a lovely medium coverage without looking cakey finish. It isn’t to thick or thin, its just right in my opinion. It goes on lovely and is easy to buff in. This costs £7.99

3-99To set my foundation I use this Rimmel Stay Matte foundation in the shade Silky Beige. This is a no drama powder that lasts all day. This costs £3.99


For contour I use this Sleek contour palette, they have loads of shades and its super easy to apply. I’m a weird not pale but not dark shade and this is perfect for those awkward in between shades. This costs £6.99


I pay a lot of attention to my eyebrows but for this look I could not find my Brow Pomade. I was heartbroken, so I went back to this old faithful. This is the Rimmel eyebrow pencil in dark brown. It’s sharp, easy to control and also easy to blend for that front of eyebrow fade out.


Next I went onto my eyes and I always start off my eyes with a base colour and it is usually one of these from my Revolution Palette. This costs £4.00


And next to add a bit of glitter (but not enough in my opinion) is my 144 Ultimate Eyeshade Palette 2017 collection from Revolution. This is a fantastic palette for the amount of shades that you get but not enough glitter for my inner glitter fiend. This costs £10.00 (Bargain right?!)


For my statement winged liner I use my Rimmel liquid liner in the blackest shade I can get (they have a few greyish shades available which are cool). This is super easy to apply, easy to control and has a great last to it. This costs £5.29.


Next for lashes I use this Volume Million Lashes Mascara, this is the only Mascara I use. I love it (although recommendations are always welcome!). It isn’t clumpy, doesn’t feel heavy and the bush feels nice when applying. This costs £9.99


For lashes I didn’t go very WOW which is unlike me. I went for these Eyelure London No. 101’s. I did feel very naked in them but for a daily natural look these are perfect. They are super easy to apply and don’t feel uncomfortable. I got these in a pair of two but this set costs £5.29.


Next for my lip liner I used this Gosh Lip Liner in the shade Cardinal Red, this isn’t a dark as the red lipstick that I used but it was perfect for mapping out my ever so slight over draw. This cost £4.99.


I was super excited to use this. This is Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Vampira. This was bought brand new a couple of days before the party and I was itching to put this all over my lips. You have to work quick and when I say quick I mean, SUPER QUICK. This sets very fast and doesn’t leave you much time to correct any mistakes. This cost me £16.00


Lastly I used this Sleek Highlight Palette. This is so fantastic, the shine is unreal and makes me feel super sassy. Every time I wear this I get comments about it and now this is my new ‘go-to’ highlight. This cost £9.99.

So the grand total is… £84.52!!!!

I really did not realise it would come to that much and I am actually shocked!



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