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Silisponge Review


So something very exciting happened today and it was my long awaited Silisponge’s from Molly Cosmetics. I have watched these literally blow up all over the internet, I’v seen people do video reviews, blog posts, chat about them non-stop and I just had to get in on the action.

If you are thinking of ordering these I will warn you that you have a long wait. Molly Cosmetics are a brand from Hong Kong so not only do you have the shipping but they also sell out super quickly. When writing this blog they are currently in their 10th re-stock which is crazy! I ordered these on the 12th December and they arrived today 20th December.

As you can imagine I was super excited to get these out and have a play. The packaging is really cute, it came in this really nice purple jiffy bag style package (I would show you a picture but in my excitement I just ripped it apart). Inside the Jiffy bag was the smaller silver packet you can see in the picture, this has a Molly cosmetic brand sticker and the sponges were in plastic pockets inside.


On the back of the silver packaging was a really nice message from Molly Cosmetics. This comes with a thank-you message and instructions on how to use. The creators suggest either circular or a back and fourth motion to spread your product and then dab to buff into the skin. To clean just run under warm water and rinse with soap. It does clearly state the throw out when the outer Silicone begins to crack.

I could not wait to try this out. The sponge feels weird to the touch at first and kinda stiff, so I was a bit worried about how this was going to move in order for me to blend this in. I prepped my face with my L’Oreal Lumi Magique primer, just to smooth out my skin to ensure I get the best result.

Usually when applying foundation with my Beauty Blender I use two pumps. I did want to put this sponge to the test though and see just how far it can make a product spread, so for this first impression I used just one pump. When first applying the foundation it felt really odd, I’m used to buffing straight away but you definitely need to spread the product first and I found the circular motion to feel the most comfortable. Once the product is spread the buffing is really easy and it buffs in beautifully.

Overall I found the product to be a little weird feeling but with patience the finish is actually really smooth, I’m pleasantly surprised. I 100% recommend anyone to get their hands on it, it saves so much product and in the sense of hygiene this is much easier to keep clean.

I don’t think I will ever completely replace my Beauty Blender for this but it is definitely my new favourite tool to apply my foundation.



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