10 Facts About Me


I was just sitting in my room, scrolling through instagram, reading blogs, texting and just generally bumming around so I thought I’d do something productive. Weekdays are always tough, the alarm goes off and you know you have a day of total chaos and craziness ahead and yeah, I’m jut knackered. Working in Education is fun!

I thought it would be fun to do a 10 facts about me post because… well why not?!

1. I was named after a Character in a book. Don’t ask me what book because my Dad can never remember.

2. I am a Dog mum. I have a little pooch called Noah, he is my little baby and is spoilt rotten!

3. I have a fear of asking for favours. Fear of rejection? I dunno, screw you Anxiety!

4. I have tattoos. I have an locket and roses on my left foot, an anchor and roses on my right and a bow on the back of my neck.

5. I cannot stand Seafood. The only Seafood I eat is prawns, the rest is off limits!

6. I eat a lot of cereal dry. I cannot stand soggy cereal and the feel of that in my mouth makes me gag.

7. I only have on dimple. It’s on the right side of my face when I smile.

8. I have a certain way of eating my food. I have to eat one thing at a time, mixing is wrong!

9. I’m allergic to Cats and Guinea Pigs. I know, they’re cute and I’m gutted.

10. I used to have an unhealthy obsession with Justin Timberlake. When I said unhealthy I mean scrapbook upon scrapbook full of photos of him, including photos of him and precious girlfriends with their faces scribbled out (The obsessesion is still there but the scrapbooks are 100% gone)

Well that’s it, a little bit more about me. Would love to hear any of your crazy stories, let me hear them!





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