Modern Dating – The Rules.

So today I was reading an article about Modern Dating. I thought this would be funny and one of those articles that mock dating in a funny way. I suppose you could say it was but on the other hand, it was so true!

In this day and age it’s much easier to download an app than go out and meet somone, people have become so wrapped up in media and technology that meeting someone whilst out can be a scary thought and no longer the norm. A lot of my girl friends go out on dates and most of them dates are now from apps like Tinder.

I myself have found it hard to find that spark and did resort to apps. I do however find these apps to actually be quite judgemental and make you unintentionally picky. Everyone in their life at some point as spoken to someone who has said ‘looks aren’t important to me.’ Really though? Was it my bubbly personality that made you swipe right, or was it how I look in my photo? You can’t see all of my personality through a filtered selfie. This again feeds into socities idea of perfect, I find these apps so damaging to a women or mans self esteem but that’s a whole other blog post!

How many of you have gone on a date and during the next day wanted to text the guy or girl you went on a date with? How many of you haven’t because of the fear of looking too keen/clingy? How many of you have gone out on a few dates and kissed the guy or girl and want to know what it meant? How many of you have actually asked? Of course you haven’t because that’s against the dating rules.

What are these rules, where did they come from and who created them? Because I have some serious beef with them. Dating now is so difficult, especially in the online world. In today’s society we are too scared to put ourselves out there unguarded and ask questions because we are too scared of the answers we might get and too scared of rejection. So what do we do? We just meet up multiple times, enjoying each others company until it gets boring because it can’t move forward, so what could of become something becomes nothing and fades out. We do this over and over again until we convince ourselves there’s something wrong with us and we are not worthy. Getting angry that the person you like aren’t picking up on the fact you like them? Tough honey, we don’t phone eachother to talk about issues anymore, that makes us ‘crazy!’. Instead look out for memes and sarcastic gifs or a moody status update or tweet, because that is how you pick up on what’s really going on these days.

There is now so much people chose to take into consideration. If you text first then don’t text first twice, if he or she is interested they will text you. WRONG because they have their own rules about not chasing and are waiting for YOU to text. Don’t ask to hang out two nights in a row, why? Because that makes you too keen and that can come across clingy and that’s not good either. If you do find the courage to find out what is going on between you and another person, you better practise! Every single sentence, word and phrase needs to be so cleverly chosen, kinda like you’re finding out but in a way that if the answer isn’t the one you wanted the response won’t be so harsh.

Do not call. I repeat, DO NOT CALL THEM! Who an earth came up with this idea? I find this ridiculous, if I’m talking to someone and love hearing their conversations and what they have to say it’s far more enjoyable to hear their emotion behind the story, it feels more genuine, but of course actually talking to people is scary and texting is much safer. No one has ever read a text message wrong and got angry right?

I hate this and on quite a few occassions have found myself breaking these ‘rules’. Maybe that’s why I’m single haha, maybe don’t listen to me at all? Honestly stop analysing every move you make, stop second guessing yourself, if it feels right just do it.




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