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First Impressions – Androgyny by Jeffree Star

I’ve always been a lover of Kat Von D lipsticks. At the moment I am in love with the matte shades but after my recent purchase that just didn’t last (there’s a blog post about that!), I was looking for something else to try. 

The Jeffree Star brand has always been hugely on my radar but there are so many gorgeous shades I struggled to decide on what to buy. I decided to bite the bullet and purchase Androgyny. It looks like a really everyday day shade, not too wild and something I could certainly have a play with!

It arrived yesterday with the rest of my Beauty Bay arrivals and I don’t even know what happened. This weird shriek of excitement come out of me (much to the shock of my mum!). It just looked stunning in its box and as it’s my first ever Jeffree Star I was super excited to give this a try! 

Yesterday evening I was going out for dinner with my family so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to not only give Androgyny its debut but also see how it lasts with food and drink, as Kat Von D Everlasting Lipstick was anything but everlasting. 

The application of this so smooth and so easy. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a dip in the applicator. I first saw this and was slightly confused, so with some research I found out it is to make the underneath line as straight at the top, genius! I do find that you have a bit more time to work with this product, it doesn’t dry as quickly as others. It dries in a reasonable time scale and feels so soft, I find sometimes other matte shades feel grainy on the lips but there is nothing like that with Jeffree Star. 

After taking a million selfies out of excitement and quite frankly feeling sassy af, it was time to leave for the meal. 

The first challenge was drinks, sipping on my Disaronno and Coke (standard!). No problem at all, the lipstick didn’t even budge! I ordered a burger for dinner and instantly regretted my decision, if any food item is gunna wipe off lipstick it’s going to be a burger. I couldn’t believe it, it lasted! I little bit came off in the centre of my lip but so little it actually looked like a fade out rather than a disappearing smudge! 

That’s it, I’m so impressed and I’m converted. Jeffree Star lipsticks look absolutely stunning and last so well, it actually lasted from around 5:30pm and was still there and in perfect condition when I took it off at 10pm and that’s with it battling heavy food and drink! 

I’m a Jeffree Star newbie and only have Androgyny, what other colours would you recommend? 


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