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Valentines Must Haves

So it’s that time of year. The time of year where I gaze at couples enjoying cute Valentines dates and that little green monster inside me comes out to play.

In all seriousness I do enjoy this time of year. I love the buzz, the atmosphere and the reason it gives me (not that I usually need one) to treat myself. I found that for bigger ladies valentines outfits and lingerie was in limited supply on the high street last year. There wasn’t much choice, either a super pretty bra which may be ever so slightly too small or that dreaded beige or black, least to say I wasn’t happy. Where is the curvy love?

Anyway, this year I decided to search the internet. I stumbled across Yours Clothing and well, after scooping my jaw off the floor I was able to search through the unbelievable range of gorgeous underwear, pjs and so much more!

Firstly I want to mention the models, I love the fact that Yours Clothing showcase their items using the fuller and curvier woman. That makes me super happy and more inclined to buy from them. I know that they will care for my huge butt, huge boobs and make them look fabulous whilst doing so.

Now let’s get to the clothes…

This is the Red Plunging Body With Lace Cups can be found in the Valentines Edit Lingerie section and I think it is absolutely stunning! The lace detail is super cute and I love the low cut detail, perfect for a cosy night in… if you get you what I mean! This item costs just £19.

Next I’ve chosen these really pretty pair of underwear sets. I love both of these designs and I’m definitely going to make a purchase (my basket is currently at £230 whoops!). If you’re like me and all out of proportion and curvy then Yours is definitely a shop to have stored in your favourites. It caters to the larger lady and us ladies that are 3 different sizes between our head and our toes! 

Now this I absolutely adore! I think this is unbelievably sexy and classy. I can imagine slipping into this after a nice bubble bath all year round, but for a cute valentines night in with dinner and films this would be lovely! This is the Red Mesh & Lace Chemise With Extreme Dip Hem and is only £26, another add to cart for me!

But what about date night outfits? Don’t worry! Yours Clothing have you covered there too… here are a few pictures of some that I would personally wear.

This is such a beautiful look, so classy and absolutely stunning. The whole outfit just oozes class. Obviously it would totally depend on where your date/partner is taking you, but for those posh restaurants I’d say this is a winner! 

This look is slightly more casual but still really pretty. This is actually something I would wear to a casual outing with friends or days out. I feel this gives a lovely and feminine look without going overboard and I just love the way the skirt hangs, that will be really flattering.

I would wear this day in day out. I love everything about this outfit. Perfect for a night at a bar or your favourite pub or even just for day to day tasks. Nothing but love for this look.

Kinda similar to the last look but I adore the pattern of this slightly oversized shirt. It hangs beautifully and would be really flattering. If you’re a lady that wants to hide that tummy this would be perfect.

So that’s what I’ve picked out from the range, there are lots more that I could pick out but these were my favourites. Yours Clothing have done really well and I’m so so impressed with their Valentines edit and all of their clothing! Definitely go and give it a look if you have time, you won’t be disappointed. 


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