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Kyshadow Holiday Palette Review.

I’m slightly late to the party with this one, but better late than never right?

I’m part of a Beauty group online, it’s basically a place where all us make up, tattoo and hairstyling lovers get together and swap tips, ask for advice and also shout about our favourite products.

Every once in a while the group hold raffles. Well this particular raffle was for the Kyshadow Holiday Palette. Me being someone who has always wanted Kylie Cosmetics products, this was the perfect opportunity to try my luck AND I WON!

When my Palette arrived I was so excited. I got the Holiday Edition Palette and also the Holiday brush set. I got home and just couldn’t wait to have a play around.

How stunning are those colours?! I genuinely didn’t know where to start. I knew I had a Green Day gig to go to (blog for that coming too) so I  wanted to build up something really glam. I decided to go for a mixture of colours.

 I started with a nude shade to set the eye and build up a nice base. I then picked up the deep plum colour and added that to the outer and inner corners of the eye, leaving the middle of the eye empty. I built up a really dark contrast and then packed out the middle of the eye with the silver colour and blended this out. The silver is super pigmented and absolutely stunning!

I finished off the look with my standard winged eyeliner and a very subtle eyelash strip from eyelure. I didn’t want the lashes to cover the look I’d just created, the colours on the eyes was what I wanted visible.

The brush set that came with my prize are now my my favourite brushes. They are so soft and pick up the colour and blend them out really well. I will make purchases of brushes and palettes in the future as I’m totally in love. I haven’t tried any of her lip kits, maybe that should be added to the list!

As I said, in love. All the colours are gorgeous and I love the colour scheme. I really want to play around with the blue and green shades as they are really interesting to me. Cannot wait to show off more looks that I pull together!


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