As if we are at the end of May and entering June already? Don’t you find as you get older years just fly by? I’m 25 this year, I feel like my life is running a sprint at the moment! 

I feel it’s important to keep hold of things that made you happy and made you smile in the passing months, so here is what made me smile in May. 

1. Accepting myself more. I had a fair amount of what I call “Fat Attacks” over April. I used to look in a mirror and break down but over the month of May I’ve found my I am what I am attitude and I’m wearing it proudly! 

2. Weather. Finally it looks like Summer has arrived! (Now I’ve said this watch it rain, sorry!) I’ve had so many gatherings at my house around the fire, caught up with friends I haven’t seen in a while which has done me a lot of good and this will hopefully continue! 

3. Giving Noah and Daisy new experiences. I’ve recently introduced Noah and Daisy to the beach. This has filled me with happiness, the bond we have has grown stronger and they have become much more brave and confident as a pups. Noah isn’t quite in the water yet, but it’s a work in progress! 

4. New Purchases. This is definitely a monthly thing, but this month I have been beyond happy. My bunny trainers from IKRUSH are my absolute new favourites and I’ve finally splashed out on the Too Faced and Kat Von D – Better Together Collaboration. A review post to follow…

They may not seem like much but they mean the world to me. May has been a cracking month and I’m going into June feeling so positive. Come on Summer, let’s make memories! 


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