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Colchester Zoo

So school is out for summer which means I get a whole lot of time off.

I thought what better way to start my holiday than a trip to the zoo. Colchester Zoo has got to be one of my favourite places, I know there is a stigma about any zoo and there are a lot of animals but I just cannot help but love the places. I love to see the animals, observe them and learn about them.

The idea came about as my friend James said he would like to catch up as he is going to work in South Africa at the end of the year at an animal conservation and I think that is just so so cool. It has always been on my to do list but I thought why don’t we catch up whilst seeing and learning about the types of animals he would be working with.

I noticed whilst walking around that some of the animals that Colchester Zoo have are near and I found that unbelievable, so to know they are in a safe environment no matter what stigma there is about these places put my mind at rest. None of the animals seemed distressed or miserable which was really heart warming but there was a lady (I use the term very very lightly) walking around the zoo complaining and making comments. Do you know what, if you don’t like it then please don’t come to these places and ruin what is a family day, in fact you coming and paying your money to these places actually funds the very practice in which you disagree with, so the fact she was there and telling little children that this isn’t nice for the animals and that the zoo is a cruel place and that the animals are severely upset baffled me.

It was so nice to walk around in the nice weather (I got sun burn, I never tan but I burn like you wouldn’t believe) and just watch families and school trips with young children running around with massive smiles on their faces. This is what these days are all about.

What was really lovely though was looking at the animals and when the keepers went into the enclosures how happy the animals were to see them. I witnessed the keepers feeding the animals and also playing with them which was so nice, especially the monkeys, they looked like the happiest little guys I’ve seen.

We even had lunch in the zone called “Heart of Africa” and we sat on a bench just outside an enclosure and we could see Elephants and we also had Zebras, Rhinos, Ostrich and also Giraffe walking past and it was just the most amazing lunch I’ve had in a long time.

I would one hundred percent recommend Colchester Zoo if you can go. Its a good and actually relatively cheap day out to not only get out of the house and see these amazing animals but also educate yourself. There are plenty of places you can donate to charity which is then put straight back into the park to ensure the well being of these animals and ensure they have the best quality of life and I think it is the best day out for people of all ages!




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