About Me


Hello there!

Thank you for popping by. My name is Bethany Rickenberg and this is my blog Beautiful Shade Of Bold. This is going to be a blog of everything really, lifestyle, fashion, beauty and whatever takes my fancy. I’m a blogger of everything. 

I’m a twenty something year old from Essex. Currently working in Education, I’m currently living with my parents, siblings and our three dogs. My friends, family, pets, clothes and a good lipstick is what makes me tick. 

I first started another blog at a dark time in my life, I wasn’t happy with how I looked or anything about me in that matter. Since then I’ve gained a new attitude, a tell how it is, do you makes you happy attitude. I deleted my first blog and decided to create this one to showcase my new love of myself and to inspire others to do whatever makes you happy. 

In this blog I will include make-up loves, clothing crushes, favourite places to eat with lifestyle bits thrown in between.

So if that is a bit of what you fancy, sit back, get comfortable and enjoy.