About Me



Hello there poppet!

Thank you for popping by. My name is Bethany Rickenberg and this is my blog Beautiful Shade Of Bold. This is going to be a blog of everything really from lifestyle, fashion, makeup and my day to day.

I’m a twenty something year old from Essex. Currently working in Education. I’m currently living with my parents, siblings and our two fluff balls. 

The main reason for this blog is to share positive experiences with others. I started another blog a few years ago highlighting everything, my flaws, body image issues and so much more. It was a diary to keep reminding myself of how far I had to go to change to become the perfect me. I have since deleted that blog and changed my attitude. I have really figured out what it is that makes me tick and realised that I don’t need to be societies perfect. I can be my own perfect and if I can inspire just one person to be more confident then I have done what I aim to do.

In this blog I will include make-up loves, clothing obsessions, my favourite places to hang out and eat with a bit of life of Beth thrown in along the way!

So if that tickles your fancy. Sit back, grab a face mask, a cuppa and enjoy!