As if we are at the end of May and entering June already? Don't you find as you get older years just fly by? I'm 25 this year, I feel like my life is running a sprint at the moment!  I feel it's important to keep hold of things that made you happy and made… Continue reading 4 THINGS THAT MADE ME HAPPY IN MAY.


A Friendship Breakup

I've been pretty quiet on here recently, not on purpose. I've just been very distracted with a lot of childish drama happening in my life. I always say I will not get tangled up in games but sometimes you get unintentionally dragged into things and into the middle of it all.  I've had the unpleasant… Continue reading A Friendship Breakup

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First Impressions – Androgyny by Jeffree Star

I've always been a lover of Kat Von D lipsticks. At the moment I am in love with the matte shades but after my recent purchase that just didn't last (there's a blog post about that!), I was looking for something else to try.  The Jeffree Star brand has always been hugely on my radar… Continue reading First Impressions – Androgyny by Jeffree Star